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Our Custom Tattoo Studio strives to be one of the top tattoo shops in and bring you some of the city’s finest tattoo artist. At Ink and Iron, we specialize in all tattoo styles; you will definitely find what you are looking for. Our artist have brought some of the most cutting edge tattoos. Our team of expert tattoo artists brings their unique perspectives to our studio. We enjoy giving our clients the work of art they are dreaming of. Whether it is your first tattoo or another piece to add your canvas, Ink and Iron Custom Tattoo Studio can fulfill all of your tattoo needs. We also do some of the best cover-ups in the city of Tamil Nadu and our touch ups and custom artwork are unparalleled.

Why choose us?

  • Friendly and experienced tattoo artists
  • Hygienic and clean environment
  • Diverse range of designs
  • Piercing and tattooing all in one place
  • Members of Tattoo Club of Great Britain
  • Licensed skin piercing and tattoo artists
  • Over 3 years of combined experience

Why Should You Choose Our Best Tattoo Artist

our reputation precedes us, flaunting our art in style and our passion follows close behind. We have the experience of customizing your ideas and fantasies into beautiful artwork that remains with you throughout your lives. Whether you’re looking forward to your first-ever inking experience, or to expand an already-existing tattoo into something more vibrant and beautiful, we have your back.

Besides the basic designs, we are always keen to go the extra mile to create customized tattoos for you. From religious tattoos to subtle abstracts and minimalist feminine designs, we don’t stop at anything and try everything to give you the look you so desire. We also experiment with 3D tattoos and coloured effects to create dynamic artwork, using your body as our canvas.

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